Reviews for "Krueger Vs. Smash Bros."

Awesome Animation!

I WISH Paper Mario was in Brawl...

that was pretty epic

nice work i loled a few times


one of my favorite thing about this movie is that is wasnt a 20 second piece of crap it wasnt short and it was funny and actually GOOD, my fav pat was probably when link spawned then died, that would of been a perfect moment for putting in WTF BOOM! ;)


Even though I didn't know who the Krueger guy was, I still found this movie hilarious. You did a great job with sound effects, staging, and animation. I hope you got an A+ in your class ;)

Well if i made a similar video

It would involve me tearing the guts out of most of the characters. Except samus becuase she's a chick, she'd just get out of the arena a binch of times. I'm not implying anything about me but that game was insane easy no matter wat character i used.