Reviews for "the Last of the Dashkin"


God, that was great! I don't care if it's just an intro, it was awesome and totally worth the wait! I can't wait to see what happens next! Also, little Bitey was so goddamn adorable. I seriously teared up at some parts.

Great job, Adam! Keep up the magnificent work!


i love this story, and of course bitey :D i cant beleive its current score is 4.81/5.00 ive never seen such a high rating, but i know it deserves it :) i cant wait till the next episode!

Never ceases to amaze me

I've been watching your submissions since day 1 of the Brackenwood series and its interesting to see the series take on a canon and storyline.
But it has peaked my interest as all your flashes do

Like it

I really like this serie or what you should call it :D


5/5 10/10