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Reviews for "Hidden Alphabet 9"


A good "clue-finding" game, this time we have letters instead of numbers. The graphic is very good and the sound is creepy in some manner..
Some letters are obviously, some others are well hidden and provide a little challenge....nothing impossible however.
Overall a good mix that makes a very nice game!

That's Great!

Interesting game, the last level was hard as hell but i managed to complete it.
Otherwise the (four or five) music was boring. ;)

great as usual

and especially the last level was hard as fuck, which I like :D

just one tip: make it so that the music doesn't have to be muted when you start a new level.

good game but the carpet makes me want to die

Visually it's a very pretty game

It got a bit frustrating trying to find all of the letters in it, some of them were hidden that well. As for the music, all of the selections felt somewhat incomplete, I wouldn't mind seeing those extended out a bit so that they lasted longer and didn't loop every 5 seconds.