Reviews for "Thief's Escape"


Finally got rank A-Heistman on this game!

Took me like 30 tries, it really just comes down to luck -- 138717 points

I'm not sure about the trophies I have left though...

AethosGames responds:

Not rank S-Master Hiestman?! For shame...

awesome game! 5 stars! i got 16777 points

Little Great Game

Quite entertaining , and the animation and art is great

Very fun!

I really liked playing this game simply because it was so fun to just jump around everywhere. I loved the graphics in this game and it seemed just like something you would play on the Nintendo DS or something. What matters is that the sounds are also goofy too. Seeing as how you can do on infinite, I can not complain about the game being short. The premise is simple, but a lot harder than you would think at first. It takes real strategy to get all of those little items in every level when they are so out of range.

After hours of trying...

Finally got S-rank 187662 points; an excellent time waster.

AethosGames responds: