Reviews for "2012 in 30 seconds"


Saw this awhile back and thought "Is that really how the movie is? He must have skipped allt he boring stuff and shown just the main parts..."

Just got back from the theater and can say your flash is spot on accurate. I will say the acting sucked but the movie was great.

remember me!!!

this was not funny and you should of did a different subject!!!!

The-Mercenary responds:

I have no idea of who you are


Well you did capture a lot of the most crucial moments of the movie although if you havent seen the movie then this, im sure, will appear mostly confusing. The voice acting was great, i could tell that there was a lot of work put into it. The way you summed up most of the movie with destruction following right behind the main characters was hilarious. Overall a very well done sum up.


this does basically sum up the whole movie

Very accurate :P

Very very accurate :P Might wanna watch this first then go see the movie and see how accurate this flash is :P