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Reviews for "Dem Pokermans"

"I want this one."

"I Want the one that kills that one." LMAO, that was amazing.


I loved it, and for the people who were saying the art was bad and stuff i think the art cooperated with the style of humor you were using: idiotic and scattered, but thats what people like nowadays cause we are idiots so you're definitely going to get good reviews unless some tightass watches but don't be put down and keep up the good work

that was pretty good

It was funny as heck, but the time and effort into it compensated for the art. I think the lack of detail is just as influential as a highly detailed animation. So props to you Khorde for making a pretty decent flash. I hope there is more to come in the future.

Great flash...

It was so funny, even though the animation isn't good the humor by far covers it and i was crying of laughter at the part where the Charmander is like BAAHHH and the Squirtle is dancing and then their faces when they're dancing to the music aswell... Funny shit..

Overall nice work

P.S: Don't listen to the asshole who gave you 3..

loved every fucking second

i still remember as a kid (9-11 years old) playing this game and trying to get every pokemon in the damn game XD.
you make it so damn funny though...plz make more :)