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Reviews for "LazyMuffin Gets Drafted"


Hoo boy, that was funny!... Hehe, I have tears in my eyes! Props for you, mate!

We'll miss you, Yotam. Stay safe.


Noodle responds:

That man is a national treasure. I'll miss his magical voice whetting my ear drums!


Great job on the flash!

Yeah this pretty much makes sense.

Although you left out the part where he personally turns the other soldiers into "cutie pies".

Noodle responds:

That was a read between the lines/sort of hinted at sub plot.
This flash had deeper meaning all over the place


Yotam! Come back to us foreva! you silly jew you...

Noodle responds:

Never leave again!


My penis goes out to you. Unfortunately your forced into these circumcised stances. Best of wishing you a live.

Noodle responds:

I thankfully recieve your penis


Its pretty rare that something makes me laugh so much. I really think you caught yotams personality in this one! That bit with the batman suit was my favorite! Its cool to see that he likes it too!