Reviews for "Vete a la Versh 11"

Quite funny

I think this may in fact be the best thing you have made yet, because of the delivery. The best part was the punchline about becoming a business manager. I'm so glad I have become more and more familiar with your work so I can appreciate it more. I thought the girl holding the little white toy was cute. It works well as being metafictional, with the white guy talking about the story he's in. Now that I have gotten used to the Spanish, I can say I think the voice work is pretty good.

Muy bueno!

jaja, creoque todavía sigo riendo. tus videos son de los mejores en español. XD

D lo mejor.

Pero la maestra-QUE TE CALLES!

Haha buenisimo.

hahahahahaha can bueno que me rei canto.

lol disque rosito de oro era tan tonta que no se lo comio XD


hahahahahaha men q buen trabajo, en realidad todos, en serio :D

Darkar responds:

Muchas gracias. :)