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Reviews for "Monument of Non-Existence"

this is Lashmush....the man that can give you an EARGASM in less than 10 seconds!
I never played Final fantasy....but before listening to this song i heard the original one....
and i have to say.....
HOLY FUCKING SHIT YOU ARE A POET (with an electric guitar instead of the pen :D)!
as for my.......little friend like there there is Sex
for my earn there's this!I'm never gonna get bored of this!
i wish you to live forever :D


Lashmush responds:

Hey, thanks for the support! c:

Holy mother of...
Dear Lashmush. I have been a huge fan of yours up until now. I love your work, your greatness, your awesomeness. But now... you have made me into an even bigger fan of yours. A follower. If there was a Lashmush cult, I would join. I mean... you went and took an already awesome song, created by none other then Nobuo Uematsu and just... perfected it. Yeah, there's not much in this world I would call "perfect", let alone the music available on this planet, but this... THIS... piece of music... It's godlike. Worthy of song. Untold and unheard of. I am not exaggerating or anything, I am just telling you what's on my mind. These nine minutes of win and pure epicness are that which I would call undescribable.
Long story short: YOU HAVE MY THANKS for making this. KEEP ON ROCKIN' !!

Your loyal follower, Xion Fenix.

Lashmush responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the continuing support. :3

*drools as he is lost in nothingness*

Is that good enough for you?!
It F^@#in' better be! \m/

Lashmush responds:

That will suffice.

Holy Crap! This Got my blood pumping! You, Sir, have Immense Talent! Love, Time, and Care was put into this to make this the most Epic song EVER!

This song Gets the blood pumping so well, I play this song Right before I get ready for Battlefield! I charge in headfirst with this song blazing in my ears and those who see me... WILL SO KNOW THE WRATH OF Xx I NEED AMMOxX! THEY SEE ME CHASING THEM WITH A KNIFE IN ONE HAND, A GUN IN THE OTHER, AND THE WEIRDEST BONER BROUGHT ON BY THIS MOST EPIC SONG! FOR THAT, KIND SIR, YOU HAVE MADE A FAN AND FOLLOWER OUT OF ME! KEEP UP THE MOST EPIC WORKS AND I'LL FOLLOW YOU TO THE END OF THE EARTH! just... don't ask me to sing. I can't sing worth crap... BUT I'LL FLAY YOUR ENEMIES ALIVE IF NESSICARY! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

*Ahem*...Translation: This piece of music is soooo sooo awesome. I have never heard a piece as epic as this. The flow of this song is superb. Perfection would be insulting as it is even better than that. The difference between the heavy rock and the, dare I say it, cool downs of light rock is soooo well done. You have superb Talent. I salute, applaud, and bow to your musical talents. I am now a Fan and Follower of you, Lash. Keep this up and you'll have my support no matter what you do.

Lashmush responds:

Your boner is most appreciated. c:

very awesome song keep up the good work:)