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Reviews for "Clockwords: Prelude"

Awesome game!

I was blown away just by the sheer competence of this game. It's ingenious! Games like these that test your reactions to time and pressure constraints are always engaging, though at times frustrating. Of course, the little bonuses, powerups, and other devices serve to help bail you out in the event of brain freezes. The music, too, seems incredibly fitting to the setting of the game. Probably the only qualm I have is that there have been a couple words that I ran into that the game wouldn't recognize. "Punic" is the only example I can think of right now, but it becomes a little irritating when, in a tight situation, a word you know exists won't work. Other than that rare occasion, I have to give this game all of my support, since it stimulates my brain in ways that I do not let it get stimulated in nearly enough. Quite the endeavor!

Was alright...

Not bad! Fun...but there are a ton of words missing. :/

Wonderful Game

I loved the concept. It takes the old idea of scrabble and adds a great twist. The graphics were great and the levels were appropriately harder as they progressed.
Very nice job.


er, SteveBegin im on lvl 8 atm and havent lost once. the little spiderbots have come close to the safe a couple of times but as long as i keep churning out words they go down no problem.
wish more words were allowed (foreign words wld be cool), or maybe my spelling isnt as good as i thought lol XD

very nice

This game is very nice..

Good way to sharpen your mind/grammar and word knowledge