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Reviews for "Fish For Food"


it wont load

box10 responds:

seemed to load slower than normal for me on NG today.. but certainly it isn't a problem with our game... unless others are suffering the same problem, let us know

Good but room for improvement

I see that you really enjoyed putting time into this game. tough there are some slight things that make this game not as entertaining as it should be.

1. Game aint that original (Remember "Fishy" from Xgen studios?)
2. Whilst playing and continueing trough out the levels. I dont get the feeling im doing something good, you know it doesn't feel like I have achieved something. My fish is small again after each level and thats a big downer
3. The game gets a little boring after a while.. doesn't challange as much as I expected it too be. don't get me wrong because at first I was very intrested!

Don't stop making games, get better and blow us away!!

box10 responds:

Some fair points in there, thanks for the review. In response...

1) Not many games are truly original these days.

2) I totally understand what you mean, the problem being that if we made the fishy bigger after each level then he would eventually fill the screen lol.

3) Hmm I was hoping it would get difficult towards the end... maybe I underestimated you guys eh :)

4) We will ;)