Reviews for "Stamp on the Ground"




I jumped up in my seat when I saw Vrumugun and Zangulus! I really like this video. Makes me smile - and the song is great. I will be sharing this with friends.

good song

some were odd like the guys holding hands at some part (not odd just weird) but i will have to say who were those two jester people the red and blue

No bad, dearest dear.

Yup, not bad. Good animation skills, nice character drawing, catchy song choice. And Vincent looking mildly bored while Cid is showing of got a smile from me, and so did the sunglasses Raichu.
But, I still would not give this a nine or a ten, and I am a bit sad so many people do. There is so much awesome, original, artistically amazing work on Newgrounds that is being overshadowing by something I find good, but not fantastic. I like your personal style, but you did make pretty much every character have an identical face. Try to work a bit more on varying characteristics. And maybe on smoothness.
Yet, kudos for doing this frame to frame (aw god I don't think I would have the patience), and keep the good work up. Also, plus one point for Pyramidhead because I am a fangirl.


i was unsure at first but this flash really grows on you! great job! whats the song called?