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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Mega Man X - Storm Eagle"

Yes Yes YEs!!!!!!!

You totally Nailed this one down! My Fave Level Theme from MMX!

freaken sweet

always loved how this level was so up-beat
good times with this game...
great job

TheBroodian is correct

It does need to be louder.

other than that, there are no real flaws. good work.

I disagree with above.

I wanted this to be louder myself, loud treble translates into a really powerful sense of energy. I listen to a lot of stuff while I'm gaming, and your songs on my playlist as well- and, for example, the high pitched wistle you have in the background of Launch, gets my skin in goosebumps and my hairs to stand straight. This song leaves me wanting just a little bit because I'd had expectations about it. (Obviously this is one of your earlier submissions, so I'm giving comparisons in a backwards order, so it's more or less irrelevant, but I figured you might like the constructive criticism.) Of course, the rest of your notes and flare that you put upon them is awesome. The rest is great.

I liked this one a lot for one reason:

Most of the Storm Eagle remixes I hear are LOUD. They freaking tear up my ears because the treble so loud, it completely drowns out the bass; this one was a nice, neutral level of volume between both and it wasn't so MIDI-like.

9 outta 10.