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Reviews for "Ricochet Kills"


wierd im always having a dream like this where im the shooter!

Got old

By the forth level it had gotten old because like the previous reviewer said, it had nothing new. If you polish it up and make it more interesting visually, I think you may have a hit on your hands. You might also consider making it so the ricochet kills your own dude if it bounces back to him.

Ok, but repetitive

Its kinda fun to play for the first few levels but then gets really boring because nothing new gets added in the higher levels.

my level called the prez

my5=160&mx5=35&my4=160&mx4=65&my3=160 &mx3=215&my2=160&mx2=185&my1=100&mx1=
125&by18=190&bx18=200&by17=190&bx17=2 0&by16=10&bx16=80&by15=190&bx15=50&by 14=190&bx14=170&by13=130&bx13=110&by1 2=40&bx12=140&by11=60&bx11=140&by10=1 00&bx10=140&by9=90&bx9=140&by8=130&bx 8=140&by7=160&bx7=140&by6=160&bx6=110 &by5=40&bx5=80&by4=70&bx4=80&by3=100&
men=5&blocks=18&levname=user%5Flevel1 try it luv the game

i want more

please amke a Ricochet kills 2 this one was awesome