Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 2"

Epic Game

just beat the game on easy :D now gonna try normal hehe 10/10 5/5


awsome rpg game

best game of all time

U notice the cheat if u click the girls boobs they shake lol i did that for awhile...


if you scan giant sand worm it reads "giant mutant penis"

From Black Mages Attack...

To this. Your animation has improved by leaps and bounds in every game/ movie. However, there is a great humor, and style that remains constant in every one. This is why you are one of my favorite Flash Artists.
Anyway, this paticular animation build hevily on the first Epic Battle, and made everything... Better.
ProTip: Use A in the Nolegs Cat Slayer minigame to hold up your sheild for a second, allowing you to block.