Reviews for "Wall-E - LVL99"

how do you this. really good

CKCreative responds:

thanks Lourdjim, this is a bit of a new technique so learning as I went, I made an initial sketch with then I tied up using blocks mainly. I avoided any line work in the piece to keep the style of the animated piece and sing shading and overlaying techniques came out looking like this, changed a couple of things as I went on. This took alot longer than I thought however I wanted to push myself so hopefully it paid off. we should collab some time I think we have a similar skill level.

As soon as I saw it, I laughed because of the consept. The mega-wall-E's tiny head with sad eyes is so funny on his massive body. Love it, brillient work ! Continue doing great art :). One thing's for sure, I won't win with competition like you.

CKCreative responds:

Dude, I saw your work and loved it. thanks really appreciate the comment.

I really like your idea of a lvl 99 Wall-e. I think you perfectly upgraded his traits. The small face also looks adorable :D

Really good! I really like the idea :D I myself joined the challenge too but May I ASK something? I am new to newgrounds and I don't understand how do I become a scouted artist? Please help..

CKCreative responds:

Same as me, I googled it all it allows you to do more in art portal I believe. Its a good thing to be scouted as its already offered by people already scouted.

I'm glad to have scouted you, because your later drawings have all been beautifully dynamic. Here, too -- peak!Wall-E probably risks crushing original!Wall-E and it's both hilarious and sad at the same time. I initially thought you'd put the whole thing through Blender or something like that, because it looks just like that, like you'd rendered it on a 3D program. The concept is genius.

Not sure about the composition, because it feels a bit flat... It feels like I'm just the casual bystander in this thing. I guess perspective, or even just the angle from which we're drawing things, can create a dramatic effect (I imagine it'd be even more effective seeing this in almost total frontal view). Then again, we'd only see the front facade of peak!Wall-E, but the concept could be more frightening that way.

Background is simple, and plays its part well.

I'd be happy to pass the torch on to people like yourself. You're only gonna get better from here, and I hope it may continue for a long time.

CKCreative responds:

Really grateful for getting in touch, I have a hell of a way to go with my art and I take any constructive comments gladly so thank you for that its the way I like to grow and hear thing I haven't picked up previously.

like all people who have a passion to draw I look back at pieces and realise what I have done wrong, i'm my own worse enemy as I do try and hurry the piece, however I did take more time than I thought I would and glad I did.

This piece was done in only Photoshop