Reviews for "Super Briefcase"


Well, I wasn't expecting to play till i died with this, cause i usually just walk away from these kinds of games half way through. Good job. ^^


I love old school stuff like this it reminds me of when i had one of those really old systems make more like this they are uber retro

Upredges in nearby future

The game as GAME is pretty good entretaining but there are some things you can improve:
-For the smart bombs some type of inventary so you can store them for harder levels.
-the messages that pass distract you a littleso you can show them between levels.
-Small changes when you pass levels (esenografy,. type of bombs, etc)
Overall a really good game and if you are planning to upradge it plz take some of my advides
GOOD GAME 9.5/10

Awesome game

Great gam, really addictive. Although I have a question, do you ever get to find out whythe bombs are being dropped?

Old School

The game was great for killing time and the music brought me back to the old school gaming days, mind if you send me the track?