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Reviews for "Run!!"

a the good old times

this remembers me when i needed too go to a psychiatric instituut it was fun with the insane ppl like me

Simple Game.

It's... uh... perfect for a rainy day when your pretty damn close to losing your sanity. Good idea, but could use better graphics and such. It's okay...


The fourth level was... aggravating. A number of things defied player expectation, like running through blocks and getting hit while not on screen (behind the rock). Even on easy, it left no room for error, which exceeded the difficulty progression and doesn't really belong in a platformer that isn't meant to be inherently cruel (I wanna be the guy, etc.)

However, as a one-button game, it runs very well. The object detection could be a little better on the first few levels, but it was still challenging and inviting. Having seen one-button games produced for a game jam, I can say this is much more innovative and developed than most one-button concepts. The game feels unique and exciting.

what the???

HUH? dont know really what to say, its kindve weird rubbish and totally messed up, play for dares only as this is hell and will make anyone want to die.


it's ok.