Reviews for "The 5 Hour Collab V"

Funny, good job

I really enjoyed this. My favourite scene, i have to tell you was when Awesome man appeared.

"Damn you awesome man! I will have my revenge!" *shakes fist*

That just made me chuckle.

Tell the guy who did that one, to keep it up... De-line it was.


Red Harvest = the win

I liked them all, but Robin dancing around in his room.... and the tear from Batman's eye.... awesome

Anyways, all of your animating styles are nice, there was good audio all around (for the most part) and.... that is all. Thanks!


whats the name of the asian song ?

People aren't giving this enough credit. It was very cute ;)

Another Funny Productions Thanks To Big Foot
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Making The Movies Longer Is A Nice Step.Adding Extras Also Will Be Nice
All I Can Say. Is Keep It Up! Improve Yourself Faster!