Reviews for "Pixel"


The first thing that got to me about the game was the presentation. The ambiance of the graphics and music really made me want to keep playing.

This game is no ordinary shooter, and I can appreciate that. It was simple, but with just enough depth in the different ships that many players with diverse methods could play and enjoy.

Love the game and the song

The best thing to do in this game is wait for like 2 or 3 minutes and let the screen get filled with enemies. Fire just once and watch your computer freeze and struggle to keep up with all the pixels it has to render in 1 second. Its the greatest thing when you see your score go from 500 to over 400,000 in just a second. lol. I love this game and its creativity.


This game is beautifully made and sounds awesome. All these colours flying across the screen rapidly. Fun!


First Play through I did it normally, second time I did that grouping up trick and got 170 Million points with like 3 million HP ans 6000 Multiplier XD

Killed the Boss in like 6 seconds :D

Great Game, Great Soundtrack

Get this ported to nintendo DS now! Incredible!

I beat the game first time, with all the unlocks, :D.