Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


that was amazing. vegeta got pwnd!!! that was hilarious. it made my day.

Sunrie responds:

Haha, I figured he'd be a good one to beat up on, plus a sound clip I had of him speaking, he said his own name, so there it is.

Vegeta just makes a good punching bag.

it was silly

It woulda been alot better if it was longer.

But I really enjoyed it

Sunrie responds:

Length was one of my concerns, but I didn't want to make it drag out too long. I'm glad you really enjoyed it.

That was... Damn good!

Oooooh yeah, soo much silly,random,crazy stuff in one great flash.
Really love this stuff.

Now THAT is comedy!

Amazingly well-done, smooth animation, and rather humerous. I thoroughly enjoyed this (except for the 'Scat Man' one, but that's just a personal thing). I look forward more high quality submissions from you! ^^

Kenshiro always wins.

Omae wa mou Shindeiru!