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Reviews for "Holy Sprites"


that was amazing. vegeta got pwnd!!! that was hilarious. it made my day.

Sunrie responds:

Haha, I figured he'd be a good one to beat up on, plus a sound clip I had of him speaking, he said his own name, so there it is.

Vegeta just makes a good punching bag.

it was silly

It woulda been alot better if it was longer.

But I really enjoyed it

Sunrie responds:

Length was one of my concerns, but I didn't want to make it drag out too long. I'm glad you really enjoyed it.

Now THAT is comedy!

Amazingly well-done, smooth animation, and rather humerous. I thoroughly enjoyed this (except for the 'Scat Man' one, but that's just a personal thing). I look forward more high quality submissions from you! ^^

Kenshiro always wins.

Omae wa mou Shindeiru!

Haha Sindel Were Pwned By Kirby :D (Cause Make A MK Background)