Reviews for "Luis LAUNCH"

Nothing can describe...

how purly awesome this game is. The animations is flawless, and the characters look plainly cool. The game is incredibly good, even though it's not long enough!

Well nice try, please try again...

Well the game is nice and colorful but a and d just dont work. the music's great. please try again.

very nice

even for an almost identical hedgehoglaunch-remake. it had the same addicting effect and i couldnt stop to play it until the dude was in space - personally i wished there would some more upgrades, but when i think about the whole luis-day-thingy the number of upgrades is enough.

just one thing bothered me: in the early stages it was very luckdependig. sometimes there where 6 or 7 beans directly at the start, sometimes you couldnt find a single one. i think it would increase the flow of the game if you put a fixed number of beans in the different sectors - so that they dont bunch up and the player has to direct luis a little more. not just the "shooting up and hope the best"-thing.

but overall a funny game - i enjoyed it. :)

good but has bad subliminal message

i mean comeon! hes brown, has heavy eye brows, collects beans, and his name is luis, i like the game but this is gonna get flagged soon, anyway... really nice game


like hedgehog launch except funner