Reviews for "Spriggan"

Sorry :\

I liked the concept and the gameplay its just that the moves are glitched, ETC the enemy has the ranged attack, Which tracks you down, Causing it to go through walls, Nextly the potions are on a very short limit. I kinda thought DKGodz( Or whatever his name is ) Made this, Also if he was level 1337 he would have more hp than 192000 and also he attacks you after your dead, No respect ay? No im not Canadian lol. Raaawr I still like it though...But it doesn't make sence why im ranting about it..Stupid brain!

Montycarlo responds:

The attacks are meant to behave like that, some people just don't prefer it to.
The potion cap is deliberate; it forces the player to use a couple of tactics in relation to the enemy attacks to achieve a score worthy of the scoreboard. Haha thanks, saying you thought it was made by DrkGodz is a compliment.

Thanks very much for your review!

You programmed this in scratch?!?!?!

Well that was your first problem. Scratch just doesn't have the scripting capabilities that AS has. Second, you made the boss just too hard, way too hard. The most i could get his heath down by was 5%. Next time try explaining the attacks in the instructions tab. Oh and take a day or two to learn some basic ActionScripting.

Low scores due to scratch, which is for children. And children shouldn't be here on NG.

Montycarlo responds:

Lmfao, I said FROM scratch, not IN scratch.
From Scratch = Started without anything.


Lots of moves in the list, none of which are explained so you got to guess what they do. Then you are tossed in with a super boss that is impossible to kill before dying.

its too hard

too hard. theres a point where i cant even touch the guy cause all he's doing is that thing where i get thrown back then eventually i run out health potions and i just keep dieing..

Montycarlo responds:

Use the Brandish Move (Default key is D) to get closer.
If you time it right, you can completely avoid the backslash.

This is so annoying.

People on Newgrounds are not really familiar with MapleStory, but many of these flashes deserve low scores, a game like this does not take 3 days to make, since nearly all sprites are taken from a Maplestory character/monster/skill/pet/etc emulator called "banned story", none of the sprites are done by the people who make these flashes, nether most of the animations, and there are many engines already made for this type of game. I'll give ya a 3 for effort, but try making a better, more original game next time.

Montycarlo responds:

True & false, all the character and monster sprites are all taken from Bannedstory, everything else is extracted.

However I programmed this from scratch, can't you tell?