Reviews for "Hillside Settlement"


I am having trouble finding fault in this. Everything was done excellently, the music, the animation, the pacing (the building scenes did not drag on, although it seemed like they should have!). A big kudos on the landscape. The onyl thing I would have to say is that the style in which the people are drawn seems unfitting for such a somber movie, but it still managed to work well. I R GIVUN IT 5


I'll log in to give this a perfect. Amazing job man, I like the tale of one mans dream to create a new home. To envision a future built by ones own hands.


I second the comment below

this is a work of genius, inspiring to watch


It was fantastin :D

good story and fitting music

i liked the animation and i thought the style was very dan paladin/castlecrashers like, which is a totally good thing!!!