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Reviews for "NG VaultBoy: Level 1"


looking foward to all 60 of em


buen trabajo, creo haber visto este tipo de arte en algun juego pero no recuerdo cual XD

Nice little picture

While not that detailed, this is still a pretty well done picture you have. The best thing is probably how you don't try to go for anything flashy. I guess that a Level 1 icon by definition would not have to be that great. It's amazing you managed to submit so many of these to the portal! Dude, you have enough material to create your own spinoff site featuring these guys! I think I've seen these drawings before in a game, maybe.

Why is a guy's hair blonde but his mustache black? I just think that you would only dye your mustache differently from your hair if it was gray. Whatever, that does give an interesting appearance to this. All people who are currently on Level 1 should be able to associate with this. Toilet plungers can be pretty funny.

Oh Fallout and Newgrounds levels? Nice combo

Plunger boy

So this was cool, and it is like the old level icon, the plunger itself was pretty good and nifty looking, great character design here even, the shadows on the backround are also a nice touch aswell, I think some more backround detail would have been nice.

Some more backround detail or design. or some kind of patteren back there.