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Reviews for "Plazma Burst: FTP"

OMG!!! I finally finished this game

Lots of annoyance but still great fun I kept going back to the game
I hope you make another one dude
for those who think the game is impossible well I just finished it so it is possible.
First if you're having a hard time go in the options and remove the blood, dismemberment, reduce the quality, etc cut everything it will play smoother
For the last battle, trigger the door again to CRUSH the big robot and then reopen the door, your friend is on the ground but he's not dead, grab him with E and drag him to the ship! There you go!


I can REALLY comprehend the fact that the protagonists are from a far, far future. Hell, even their English is different!

And at the very end... Such heroism!! A cabinet only for one, but he doesn't say farewell.

Love this game

This game is amazing. A sequel should follow.

Plazma ftp 2??

I've been playing this a long time now, and i really wanna play part 2 instead....
Could you let us know when its coming out, or how your progressing. Im a big fan of this game,
i really wanna play part 2 Im sure i speak for everyone when i say that...
Please reply to this.

EGurt responds:

I sould make my 2 game projects before time when I start working at Plazma Burst: FTP 2. Approximately I will release it at the end of winter (or earlier). You also can visit my web site for more information.

I found a cheat!

Press ~ and type morehp (no spaces)! But the fully hacked version of this game is on arcadeprehacks.com!