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Reviews for "Luis C -V.S- Tom P"


dude it had street fighter moves and dbz awesomeness

Not too bad.

I understand you put a lot of work into this and you did a good job, but it seemed like it needed a little bit more. The graphics weren't too bad, but were a little scratchy looking in parts. Overall it was pretty well done. Much better than the crap LazyMuffin comes up with.


Well this is the thing.
The animation Style, was brilliant. There are a lot of very cool shows that use that style, and iv always been a fan. You can just capture so much in the slow motion punch, delayed hits, and all that. its so cool.

However, the animation with it, i suppose could have been a little tighter. however, the style, in my opinion, trumped the lacking animation.

as for Cali Twist, f the plot, u dont need one in a vs flash, this was good stuff. Moar when you can please :)


Tom can speak Japanese. Cool.


Absolutely fantastic, this flash has BAMF written all over it. The japanese dialogue really contributed to the fight! I am also an avid DBZ fan so this is a great flash :D