Reviews for "8 Bit Pwny Club ep.1"


...IS AWESOME. I laughed still when i aw it the 2nd time and that doesnt often. Ols make more of these episodes!!

LOL! can't wait for next Ep. xD

A toilet that face you no matter what direction are you coming from... I need one of those for "America Got Talent" hehe!

Funny, but...

as aMannus said it before, there should be subtitles. Except for this, everything is fine. :)

Fresh take on the 'Top 5.'

I thought this would be funny, but I guess I set my sites to low. This was a hilarious, witty, fresh take on the classic "Top Whatever." I can't wait for your next flash. Kudos!


This is pretty awesome. It's unique and original for game 'reviews'. The presentation and sound effects are excellent. It's always funny when Daze facepalms. xD I think subtitles would be good to have as there's a few times where I can't quite make out what Spader is saying. I'll be watching out for more episodes. :D