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Reviews for "Madness Reaction"

First part bad, second part was great

The part before Sanford jumps was bad, the feet walking was bad, recoil was horrible, but afterward it was great. It is short, but I don't think a 3 second clip demands a preloader. I'm guessing it's a short test so the shortness I'll excuse you of. So the only reason why you have an 8 is because of the first part of the flash.

cool but short

nice, but make it longer


it was pretty cool, just make it longer.

Not long enough

Are you modeling this after 4-20-1999? Also, how is this 7.7megs? Well whatever. Make it longer, it looks nice so far. I like the color highlights against the black greys and whites.

um okay

Far as the actual animations concerened that was awesome it was quick it had sound it had blood it had well known characters.

Far as teh other side is concerened that was absolutely terrible firstly it took what 10 mins to load a 5 or so sec video that had no play button adn just started without warning.

I see as everyone else does that you have worked on it but a play button would be wonderful and of course length needs to be improved. Do this and this years madness day prize goes to you!