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Reviews for "Crunchball 3000"

The game is good until the end.

This game is good until the later levels, then it gets impossible. The teams get too fast and too brutal that you cant beat them. You should make it easier to beat, then it might be more fun. If you did that, I will change my rating to a higher number.

Good game, but problems

It was a good game, but there were tons of bugs that would happen. Couldn't continue past were the game kept glitching, and an error report would come up. If it hadn't been for that it would have gotten a much higher rating.

This game has a ridiculously dumb AI.

The keeper moved and dodged away from the ball. WTF. The team members move out together after they get the ball, but once you reach near the opponent's field, they back off and go to their positions and pretty much wait for the ball to come to them.

Glitches kill the game!

The game is fun but I keep on running into a flash script error. This happens every 3 games or so which makes it too frequent to try to actually play the game.

Great potential but test your game before you submit it.