Reviews for "How the Swine Flu Started"

Benefit of the Doubt

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe that you were not attempting to be offensive to specific cultures and that you were merely reacting to the news we are being fed by major journalistic entities.
I thought that the animation and music selection was great.
As a note: If you wish to portray the swine flu being started by a guy (pardon the pun) porking some pig he thought was hot, that guy doesn't have to belong to any specific culture. that would be just as funny and you don't run the risk of being whistled.
Same goes for the reactions. I'm not aware of any stereotype of New Zealanders being sheep-lovers, but the same suggestion applies.
I hope this does get by without being flagged as hateful as it is a funny concept and it is at least rated mature so anybody watching knows to view it with a grain of salt.


Dude I would so do that hawt pig too if I was that farmer.
Ah the life of lonely men.
(New Zealand reaction ftw)