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Reviews for "Brawl Funnies [Dick 1]"

oh my god...

i don't know who animated the section on rina chan but... wtf are you still here? i mean that was like a movie! i skipped the other ones but when i saw that.... wow... 5/5 10/10 for that.... please tell me who is the animator!!!


i laughed once. man.. i love most of the artists here... but some work here is a bit lame... its not very good... none the less.... i will check out the other toons for some good content. try harder and work on better content in the future... thanks. :D:D:D

I support Bongafish

Sorry but this animation sucks, there is no way you can actually appreciate some "effort" from the whole bunch of "artists" that contributed to this piece of crap.

Neverthless I rescue Rina-Chan's work, it was pretty decent compared to all others lame art and poor joke quality. Keep it up Rina-Chan, for all others please get serious and make decent animations or just find something else to do.


Did any of the artists but Rina-Chan put *any* hard work into this at all?

Not only where the other animations horribly drawn, but they weren't funny. Half of them were making fun of old jokes and the other half didn't make any sense--and not in a funy random way.

It's not worth the time to watch part 2. I know I'm not.


dint like it very mucch, the only think that just blowed me is "another nightout"... NICE, only 4 it i give you 10... dint seen anything like that on newgrouds before, would like to see some more :)

Peace out