Reviews for "Escape Pico's School"


Great game and those dogs are so damn cute.

I may have to get one some day


doorpunch some corgi's!

One of my Favorites!

This is definitely one of my favorites because i just love all of the Pico games!
The reason I liked this was because it was a game where you can tell that you have to get stuff to give to people and then once you get the first item it continues off that.
I'm sure there's a word for those games but often those games are faaaar too long, but not this one! This one was short and sweet. Great submission!

~P.S. Make sure you do your best to get to the extra page, it's well worth it.

Cute dogs

Oh, and the game was alright :P


the password for the extras page is "doorpunch" without the quotation marks.