Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Firstly... Mastering fail. For a final, was SOME effort too much to expect?

Now, I'm not hip hops biggest fan but I think delivery is important. Scuare's lyrics I thought were awesome, but the delivery just isn't there for me. I feel like he is just chatting to me in a cafe lol... worst description ever. I guess the lower volume didn't help but his voice just isn't interesting to me. Subjective.

I am a fan of SJD. He has a strong vocal presence with a splash of melodic flare. In regards to content, well, he doesn't win them all but he sure as hell makes it up on delivery. End of the day, this is an entertainment game and SJD was more entertaining.

Winner by a facebook page full of boobs... SJD.

I vote Scaure.

close battle, SJD wins

Senator John Dean to win.

Senator's first verse was actually pretty good - he doesn't have much dirt on Scuare but still makes a lot of personals even though they're not as hard-hitting as they could be. Obviously he has a disadvantage from going first. The Atmosphere line is decent but KillBill played it better in the last battle. The Obama line isn't bad but you really set yourself up for Scuare's flip. How did you not see that coming?

Scuare's first verse has a lot of venom in it - not sure if these two really have beef but he flips a lot and his personals are downright cruel, whereas Senator's personals were relevant at best. A little weird how Senator ends his verse saying obvious TWICE and Scuare opens by saying it two MORE times. Given Senator's tendency to contradict himself, the 'your flow's shortsighted' line is incredibly strong - he's flipping a line that Senator hasn't even delivered yet! Worse, Senator goes right ahead and walks right into it. Ouch.

Senator's second verse is the weakest in the whole battle. He gets in a few mediocre flips and has a lot of filler. Honestly I feel like he buried himself with this verse. Kind of disappointing since his first verse shows he could really come a lot harder.

Scuare's second... Holy shit. Flips and personals galore, a smooth flow from one subject into another, and no filler. The "no, I dissed you 'cause you suck at it" line is easily the best flip in the song. I don't have much to say about this, Scuare killed it.