Reviews for "Paradise Missing ep1 pt1"

This series is going to be epic!

i loved it, i loved the animation, the humor, the setting, everything. One of the best things ive seen, and i cant wait to see how it all developes in the next episode!

Briliant!This HAS to be on the frontpage tommorow!

Well, I have no idea how you did it, but you managed to wrap together a reference to Paradise Lost, an "outdated" animation style, a robot, a monkey AND a bit of philosophical debate on good and evil in the same flash.

Jesus, I cant wait for the others ^^


i loved it. even the title is a joke (paradice lost by john milton) Great story. art could use a bit of help but the humor was right on point. please let us know more about this puppy room. anywho, i loved it. i cant wait to see the rest.

Absolutely a TEN; 10; **********

WOW- great story, great animation- I loved the art (primitive like the concept)
I am in suspense...give me the next one.


Good story, funny as well, and nice characters, 10/10 5/5