Reviews for "Kos Beans Redux"


very, very random.....I like it!

Nice job, its a lot better than most of the crap uploaded to the portal. haha


OnionsXD responds:

yes but it didnt get front page and now i know why

so next time ill have to make better jokes and beter story

holy shizzlewackers!

THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Originally i am having chilli tonight :D
I can sense a lot of ren and stimpy influence, and the colours you used where brilliant. full of win, and comedy, really really really FUN!
wowzers man... this is SO going to be front paged. :D:D:DI hope i am able to do No.2 with you too! :D:D:D

Funny and weird

This was extremely weird but funny. The animation was great. The only thing I can see improving was the screams; one of them is used in so many other flashes, and if there were more different scream sounds throughout the flash it might sound better.

Weird, but cool movie

Usually when I see the author put the stats for the movie in the description I expect it's gonna be crap. This is actually really good.