Reviews for "Patapon 2 The Art Of War"


Makes me wanna buy a PSP T_T the concept loos like a lot of fun. too bad its just a demo :(


Addicting. I was trying to catch the beat cause I couldnt hear it with my speakers (they were broken) I tried my best. Haha I was counting to myself out loud. Very challenging. Nice job.

Epic for a flash but...

Patapon 2 is much better and I can't stop comparing it to this but really, it's good!

Black Cradle
Red Lullaby

not bad!!!

quite an entertaining game, it is easy to learn but hard to master. the only thing that gave me problems at first was figuring out the time between issuing one set of orders and then the next.


just love this little guys! overall the game is so fun, sometimes my pc has a hard time matching the game speed, but thats ok, not your fault.