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Reviews for "A Sign Of Happiness"


Don't know how i get to your flash
Thumbs Up from Chile :p


Watching this reminded me of the strange zombie apocalypses ive been dreaming of. AGHHH!!!! WHYYYY

whats with the obey...

a man walking saw a girl with no hands and feet and the girl began to say "suns up"
"suns suns suns suns up" and the man walk away saw a cliff with a sign happy and he jumped and started the music then hes head fall and a man with red shirt puked his head

P.S. whats with the obey??

Green Day

I fell asleep with my mp3 player on once. It was something from Greenday's American Idiot Album and I was on a spaceship, shooting lasers down toward earth. It was pretty sweet.

Watching this sort of reminded me of it.

Making Sense of It...

I don't know man, I don't think that dream seemed "that" crazy to me. Definitely weird. Was the woman someone you knew? Maybe a woman who was important to you, yet was trying to change you? I could understand the "obey" part if that was the case in particular.

As far as the falling, maybe it represents you letting all of your obligations and wordly worries away as your finally ending it all. Just letting everything out of grip and letting things take its course around you.

Just thought I'd share some thoughts.