Reviews for "Phoenix Wrong: CF 3"

i like it

very well thats all i can say

fusion-of-flash responds:

That's all you can say and that's all I need :D

F' Yeah!

This totally renewed my faith in Phoenix Wrong flashes! There's been some so-so and doggy ones coming out, and frankly, I thought the fad was dead (especially with the lame ones folks were doing). But this comes out of no where with such vigor that it floored me! Great quotes, and great interpretation of them with the Phoenix characters! I loved this! Phoenix Wrong still has tons of comedic potential, it just requires some judicious choices in quotes and flashery. Two thumbs up!

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

We certainly need more Phoenix Wrong in the portal :D

Xth thats the point. Great video.

They all are like that. That was truly excellent. After some of the tacky more recent ones I thought the series was over. I'm so glad you proved me wrong. That was maybe the best Phoenix Wrong I've seen. Maybe better than the origionals. Simply amazing. You timed the voices perfectly with the characters actions. Job well done. Keep up the great work. Cheers.

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks alot for that man :D

Cheers! :P

damn that was needed.

way to jump start it again. good stuff, always loved the series and your paranoia agent opening was AWESOME! the characters are oddly the same...

Only one thing missing

More of everyone's favorite word...... OBJECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!