Reviews for "Skyrim - Rock."

As a hardcore Skyrim fan, I must applaud your work. Skyrim is definitely not out of fashion.

I don't think Skyrim will ever be out of style, because Skyrim is the very defenition of a generation of adventurers, who longed for excitement and the engaging storyline of the Elder Scrolls series. No one will remember traveling across the Frozen Tundra, The Fatherland, and one of the most advantage-taken games of our time like Skyrim. Very nice song, and creative feel. We need more music from you...but should I say this?...longer (:

squiral responds:

Aha, very interesting review, as it was on more of the description :p, and I actually ment the covering of this song out of fashion not the game itself >.<. Above all thanks for a great Review and high rating! :D

-Nick <3

lease make this into a full song. It would be truly epic.

Very nice clip, could you make a full song please?

Not even Toki Wartooth could play this song better, you sir have my respect and admiration. |||_|||