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Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"

Holy poop!

That was ultra super funnies! Man! I thought it was gonna be some other lame anime movie but this was FUNNY STUFF! Making fun of anime dudes and thier 8 million super powers that seem to come from no where! Awesome! Plus, it was drawn really well and I loved the voices! <33333333

Yep yep!

The dialogue alone was so bad it was perfect lol. You could watch this and see what 60-70% of all anime is like. It was sublime, good job.


lol 10/10 5/5

Best line in the whole flash...

"I'll have to use my secret technique that only I can use because of my.......*achoo!!*.... BLOODLINE!" XD


I can't really stand anime, which is precisely why this made me laugh my ass off. The perfect parody of a genre.