Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"

Sad thing is

...it makes just as much sense as any other anime I've ever seen.

Too damn funny.

That was way too hilarious. I have no idea why, but whenever it would cut away from the still-echoing thought voices, I laughed my ass off. That, and when you can hear papers shuffling in the background of one of the scenes.

Basically, the voice acting in general was hilarious as all get out. So was the plotline consisting of dark and mysterious pasts being revealed every 20 seconds. There's too much to love in this flash. I'll admit, I'm going to miss Awesome and the Boredom Dubs, but if this is what you guys end up focusing on, by all means crank some more out! This was shit-hot.

This toon is actually making me rethink what I give tens and fives to. This is the first cartoon I've seen in a long time that actually deserves fives and tens.

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!

keep this going!!!! def your best work yet!!!! i like how you have a whole story and something people can keep looking foward to with infinite laughter and funnyness! thankyou for your awsome contribution sama!!!!!

This review will explain everything!!

Lots of lols all around! we can all see the various anime references in this. its funny that you realise that anime does seem to follow a set formula, even recycling the same characters 0.0

HUH, The opening and ending are catchy btw!! I give it a 10, its a flash, its good and its funny, it doesn't need to be an absolute masterpiece, HUH


A faithful portrayal of almost every anime ever.