Reviews for "Girlchan in Paradise Ep1"

This was amusing

There are various words I could say about this flash entry, but I think what comes to mind Mostly is that it brings some good enjoyment and has alot of entertainment value, Now I wont say its perfect by any means but I did find it to be a pretty decent and fun movie and i would recremend this to most people who enjoy this kind of stuff. This was interesting and funny at the same time, but it was amusing on the eyes and the ending was notbad at all, a funny flash all around, maybe use some subtitles. You have a decent Showcase here a Definite one to checkout again, you Produce it and the Overall results are a positive one Devoted fans aswell, so nice job all around.

You can do a lot with simple ideas and your film would be better off for it, Infact you can get a lot of impact from the most simple of ideas so try some things out here. subtitles are always nice to have, even if it is not hard to understand its always a nice option to have, now its even better when you cant understand whats being said, then the subtitles come in very handy.


i remember watching this a long time ago so funny

This animation points out every single cliché in 90s anime. Which makes it hilarious.

it is very funny watch the other episodes

I don't like anime but.... this is one of the funniest videos i've ever seen! The animation is also based off of animes. Both of these atributes make this video gold.