Reviews for "The College Years 20"

Haha nice one

Well the animation and voice acting were A1.
But this is missing something very crucial: MUSIC.
I swear this series is nice and funny but it needs music!
I'd give you a ten if you put in music.


"Jews" "Jews" Your all a bunch of "Jews"
That was so sad that they picked out the person that didn't say anything tp pick on.

RandomFilms responds:

The way the world works unfortunately

love it

all i can say, please, start season 3, imediatly

RandomFilms responds:

Workin' on it


Episode 20 is finally out :3

RandomFilms responds:

I know right?


It wasn't great, it was OK.
The first thing I should mention is that I think you use a little to much of tweens. They can be very helpful. But I didn't see anything other then tweens. There should be more FBF. Like the hands. They where stiff. You could almost think that they where dolls. But the characters where beautiful drawn, all of them, even tho I think they could use a little bit more work and they wasn't that much of eccentric. The graphics for the backgrounds where hard to decide if they where good or bad. Because, in one scen they where fantastic. And in another scene they where really crappy and lazy drawn. So I can't really judge that. The white house was great. The humour wasn't the best. The plot wasn't really great but OK.

To summarize all:

- Work on some of the graphic
- Work on the plot
- Work on the sound quality
- Work on voice acting
- Add a little more Frame by Frame animation

RandomFilms responds:

Yeah I know, I got really lazy with of few of the backgrounds in this one. And I really prefer tweens, I should change the hands more, but its too tedious and would make me loose interest faster. As I usually say, I'd rather have an "ok" project done than an amazing project never finished.

Hopefully in the summer I'll have more time to experiment with FBF with my new wacom tablet