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Reviews for "Father Oceania"

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I don't think Alfred was going to kill Father Oceania. I think he was probably going to kill himself, or perhaps whack off his genitals. Of course, it's Alfred. God knows what he was planning on doing. And that's why we love him.

The metalocolypse porn seems to be a new obsession.

Now I see...

Gross Porn of the best quality. But I also want some zoophilism, so it will be like a grade A+

I love this Bjork song..

and thanks to you, I'll never be able to hear it the same way again! Nice work though!

So it did survive the 0-attacks?

Oh God yes, barely but it did, and thats what mattersto me because i could finally see it.

You did this so awesomely it made me gay. You did this in so little time it made me prematurely ejaculate. But how could i even try to be at this level? I sometimes do not understand Your designations

2 things! funny and kinda gay for some reason.

the dog reminds me as me... we want to kill the old guy dressed up like a hooker with a 12" butcher knife. any way its cool! keep it up, hahaha (late reaction)