Reviews for "Newgrounds in a Nutshell!"

This was so easy to fall in love with!

When I first saw the title "NewGrounds In A Nutshell" in the flash portal I thought, "Oh no! Not another stupid flash in which some one talks about why NewGrounds is run by kids that can't get enough of paradize." But then I saw that YOU- Lee Allen, maker of Don't Ever Watch This, was the author. Then I got really excited.

And low and behold this was chalk full of site gags. It was truthful to what we all know are pillars of NG entertainment. It was a pleasure to watch.

This flash wasn't boring for one second, it's just laugh after laugh and then a funny ending credits song.

Who made that song by the way? I heard it on the Shoop Da Whoop collab too. It's real fun.


ChainsawFingers responds:

I'm surprised that someone has actually heard of me. As for the song, if you want to know who created it, just click on the audio track. I already gave credit to both audio artists before I submitted this. Their audio tracks should be listed underneath my name.

very good!

but you forgot purple chainsaw guy, pico's black and asian "friends," metal gear awesome, bitey, and link haha!

hahahha sweet

oh yes, thats newgrounds


is the best website evar! Lol. This is so accurate. Major win. <3


whats sad is its very true 10/10 stars for u my friend