Reviews for "CrackShot!"

Good game

It's one of the best shooters this year.
The graphics were top notch.
And the ending was hilarious.
The only problem is lack of variety.
I'd like the shoot some nimies and maybe bosses as well as targets.
And so you don't deserve a ten.


Better. Is Little Hard But It's Ok. Keep Up The Good Work.

Amazing Excecution

The idea for this game is not the most original. Let's face it, there are an abundance of games where you simply shoot targets. The way this game really shines is not through story, but through gameplay. This game was FUN, and was also pretty good-looking. When in slow-motion, you can see the air ripple as a bullet flew, which was a great effect. When I ricocheted bullets off of wall I felt very powerful (it made me feel like I was in the movie Wanted), but there was still quite a challenge in figuring out all the correct angles for maximum points. It's very satisfying when you make a very precise shot that seems impossible. Unfortunately, the game felt a bit short, and there was little replay value except for getting the expert score on all of the levels. I would love to play a version of this that combined the bullet physics with a platformer, making a shooter similar to Thing-Thing or something like that. This game could have been bad, but the full potential has definitely been met. I would love to see more of this.


Needs more levels.

Awesome. Beated the game without playing the last one, LOL!

it was ok

a little boring needs moveing target so overall it was ok,it could of been a lot funner