Reviews for "Left 4 Speed"

You Can't Reason with a Witch...

I loved it! As a big fan of Left 4 Dead the situations were classic, yet over-done enough to really make me laugh out loud! Some parts were... Weird, such as the crotch-action popping up every so often, but at least it wasn't excessive for cheap laughs. Over all, it's some good animating with sweet comedy.
The ending was the best, the madness that ensues when all goes to hell... *Shudder*

Oh, and you just had to make the preloader the creepiest moment from the game, huh?

That, was, AWESOME

Hysterics are the very least that can be said about this.
I've been waiting for some Left 4 Dead parodies, and this blew my friggin' nuts off.
Hilarious. Utterly hilarious.


Pritty cool ideas, love the animation, graphics were good along with the exelent sound quality, couldnt see any flaws in it, made me laugh out loud at bits and loved the ending... Great job. really it was great... mabey a tad longer?... other then that... flawless!.. chow

-legolaSS [NitroKitty Proudctions]