Reviews for "Nicky Boom - Platformer"

Awesome classic platformer from Amiga !

Wow ! This is a blast from the past !
I'm so happy to be able to play this great classic from my old Amiga days...
The conversion is just perfect, it is amazing !
I really hope to see more games like that from the 16-bit generation to Flash, highly recommended to all you retrogamers fellows :)

Pretty good...

Like the game though.

Cheers :)

Wow! awesome remake!

Realy gae me that good feeling from the nineties sitting infont of my amiga 500+ playing. Well done!

Suggestions: make the gfx a bit clearer it was a bit washed out. also the music stopped after a time

And make a remake of "Magic pockets" by the bitmap brothers while you are at it :)

Cool game

Cool game, fun to play but a quite difficult !
Definitely SNES style !


I liked it. Only a few additions I can think of, a toggle switch for the music so I can turn only the music off and listen to my new Frank Zappa album. Although, after a few minutes the music stopped playing all together, my apologies of course if the feature was available and I missed it. Another thing would be to make the character flash and a sound occur when Nicky is taking damage. Some times I could not tell until I looked up at the bar draining. I thought this game was well done, nice job.