Reviews for "Pac Attack"

somehow cool

lol...the secret level was cool... PASSWORD: muskateer

Renandchi2 responds:

Thanks. And thanks for spoiling it lol


Thanks for using my song!

Renandchi2 responds:

No prob! It was a really cool song!

fun stuff

a standard game but very cool for some reason... i liked it alot

Renandchi2 responds:

Thanks. Maybe ecause mine has levels... I dunno

quite fun

I really enjoyed it actually, i didnt make it to the bonus level but it was fun!

Renandchi2 responds:

Thanks. Wow,, the reeviews have been pretty good! :D


plenty of things should have been added like a score board,also something 2 tell u how many lifes u got.i like how u use a preloader bar so u will no when da level is done,also nice touch with da music!!!