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Reviews for "PickPair"

it has a fatal bug

i got to level 2 and i couldn't hit one of the holes. I right clicked so the cursor would appear, and even when it turned to a hand, the hole still couldn't be clicked so i was left with one pair un matched...ending my game!

plays well but seems to have a bug

In level 2, the burrow in the back on the right is not clickable. Bug?!?

Aside from this, the game plays very well, I'm really sorry I'm not able to play beyond level 2. Keep it up!!

Needs Revising.

Good game except that on level 2 when you click on one of the mounds it doesn't come up. keep up the good work tho.

hmmm exept for one,

i cand rate this ell, you cannot get past lv 2 cause one mole hill isnt clickable

Nice concept, but flawed

It's a good game, but there is a broken burrow in the second level. It won't let you click it, so you can't get past that level. Fix that flaw and it could be really good.